QWAS - Migrating Dialogue

Zurich /// Almaty

Bilocal transcultural exhibition

Arman Cinemacenter  

18 Dec 2017 - 08 Jan 2018

How can you create art without meeting in person? What does meeting in person even mean in the digital age? What kind of information can you pack into a letter, and what if it never arrives?


Nine students from Zurich (Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK) and eleven artists from Almaty (School of the Artistic Gesture, ECA) explored the risks and possibilities of a distant encounter in various media. The following transcultural dialogue encompasses exchanges of sound recordings, performances and installations, shared video-diaries and translations between different forms of narration.


This exhibition mirrors the topic of dialogue and takes place simultaneously in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Zurich, Switzerland. It shows works that were developed either as part of the seminar “QWAS - Migrating Dialogue” during the fall semester 2017 or during the exchange between Zurich and Almaty in September this year.

Curators: Peter Traenkle, Rada Leu (ZHdK) 

The exhibition contains works of: Suinbike Suleimenova, Denys Shantar, Zoya Falkova, Yarin Shmerling, Victoria Baeleva, Evgenia Babich, Manoj Patrik Rajakumar, Kulyash Zhumadilova, Aisulu Shaikenova, Aigerim Ospanova, Aida Adilbekova, Lucien Wampfler, Claudia Stöckli, Gregor Vogel, Jana Vanecek, Marea Hildebrand, Anvar Musrepov, Leonid Khan, Dana Iskakova.


“QWAS – Migrating Dialogue” is a transcultural collaboration between the Zurich University of Arts (ZHdK) and the Eurasian Cultural Alliance (ECA) in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It organises an annual artistic exchange for young artists from both cities: Students of the ZHdK and the “School of Artistic Gesture”.

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nurmakov str, 79

For all inquires please contact pr@cultura.kz