Socially Engaged Practices in the Art Prospect Network Countries: Field Reports from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan

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Astana is a young city. It is a city that is growing and is being shaped right before our eyes and each of us plays a part in the way that it’s being shaped. The way the city will be in the future depends on what we do now.

The urban environment similar to a quilted duvet consists of a myriad of small details – those are the actions of the city dwellers the day-to-day decisions of the Astana city folk.


 For the first time, Almaty hosts the International Festival of Sculptures and Small Architectural Forms PARK FEST. It is held on the initiative and with the support of the Almaty Akimat, as part of the celebration of the City Day.

Festival of contemporary art ARTBAT FEST (from 2010)

ARTBAT FEST celebrates urban art and contemporary culture through a series of public installations and curated exhibitions in alternative venues. Since its establishment in 2010 the festival became a platform for cultural exchange, critical dialogue and supportive educational initiative for around 100 artists and art professionals. 


School of Artistic Gesture (from 2016)

For four years already a project aimed at supporting young artists is activated under the ARTBAT FEST initiative. After carrying out the project of 2014 in an exhibition format at first, it became clear to us that its purpose is to educate, rather than just to demonstrate.

In 2018, Astana celebrates its twentieth anniversary. The new capital of Kazakhstan marks its historic milestone: it looks back on the past and makes plans for the future. The rapid history of development and establishment of the city of the 21st century needs fixation. The unique experience of the city of the future requires artistic reflection.

The unprecedented public interest in contemporary art led to the emergence of a cultural space known as Art Point. What is the secret of its success – is it the clever timing, when even the weather is reminding everyone that it is the holiday season, or is it the cultural hunger of the public, finally ready to accept and understand contemporary art? The fact remains that the citizens of Almaty are particularly interested in Art Point.

Art & Science Museum Project

The essence of the concept is improving the quality of life of every citizen of Almaty, and meeting his or her needs. That is why the two components: arts and sciences – complement each other in the best possible way. The new space is designed to address the lack of quality leisure activities in the city, while also creating an infrastructure that would aid the realization of creative and intellectual potential of its inhabitants.

Performances during Revelation festival

For the second year in a row, the Festival of performing arts Revelation and ARTBAT FEST implement joint projects with artists and theater actors. New performances become part of the festival of Revelation.

Playing Together

Playing Together: Celebrating US - Central Asian Collaboration celebrates the 25th anniversary of the creation of independent Central Asian countries with an exciting series of concerts and workshops with US and Central Asian musicians.

Eurasian Cultural Alliance PA is a partner Playing Together project in Almaty.

Cultural Terrenkur

This project is a creation of cultural urban axis in Almaty. Vesnovka is a river in the city center. Being a popular pedestrian route, going through universities, theatres, museum, parks and other municipal cultural facilities, river has concrete industrial look and it is totally emptying terms of any art touch. The idea is to promote Vesnovka as a social cultural space and to create ways of using it as a street-art media.

Art-place Festival

Project consists of three parts each of which is devoted to particular art direction, there are: artistic, cinematographic and musical parts. Sections are filled out with the content, which directed to serving the interests each of target visitor groups.

CIS Nation's Festival

This Festival had to goals: educational direction – to know about customs and traditions, national kitchen and folk crafts of other cultures, and the second one is International unity.

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