Established in 2011, Eurasian Cultural Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating the contemporary art scene of Kazakhstan. We aim to stimulate the creative economy, improve social and economic standing of the region’s key cultural players, and advance the integration of the Kazakhstani identity into a larger global context.

Today, art and culture are instrumental in the development of a society’s imagination, open-mindedness, aesthetic sensibilities, and quality entertainment. All around the world, art and culture have been lauded for their capacity to enhance the quality of human capital and experience. Our mission is to aid the country’s economy and competitiveness by cultivating a pro-active attitude, independent thinking, and creative confidence among our artists and community at large. In the span of a decade, our organization has worked with over 100 regional and international artists and art professionals, who have contributed their critical insight and expertise.

Furthermore, we firmly believe in contemporary art’s crucial faculty to provide a critical reflection on a variety of issues and resolve the tasks set before Kazakhstan and Central Asia in the age of rapid societal and technological changes. Our goal is to ameliorate and strengthen the socioeconomic development of the region by spearheading cultural and educational initiatives. We organize exhibitions, festivals, and socially engaging projects that prompt creative cooperation, free from any gender, political, aesthetic or other bias, among artists, art professionals, and the public.

Eurasian Cultural Alliance is devoted to fostering cultural exchange between local artists and the global art community. We promote and exhibit works by Kazakhstani artists in projects abroad and facilitate the inclusion of international artists in local shows and festivals. Our strategic communication approach aims to facilitate a cross-cultural dialogue and expand the emerging contemporary art market in the Central Asian region.

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nurmakov str, 79

For all inquires please contact pr@cultura.kz