As a part of our mission Eurasian Cultural Alliance finds it important to provide advisory services not only to the artists but also to the art lovers, businesses and international art professionals that are interested in the local context, however, unable to find a credible source of information for the research or cooperation. We strongly believe in the power of communication and always open for the new projects, ideas and cultural exchange. We want to engage with those who still feels inconvenient or lacks knowledge in the filed of contemporary art as one of the goals of the organization is to introduce the world of art to the people and places that are unaware. We are always in the search of co-minded, energetic people and institutions that may share our views or add upon what we know. After 8 years of being closely involved into contemporary art scene in Kazakhstan we are happy to assist with the following needs:


-     Enriching one`s collection with contemporary art from Kazakhstan

-     Proposing the artworks for the local and international collectors as well as museums

-     Appraising and certifying art pieces

-     Setting up studio visits

-     Researching the art history through catalogues, essays and special publications as well as past auction results

-     Linking local artists and international art professionals

-     Temporary preserving art pieces

-     Consulting businesses and organizations from the art market and investment points of view

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nurmakov str, 79

For all inquires please contact