Limited Liability Pavilion 4.0

Pop-Up Installation

FIELD MEETING Take 6: Thinking Collections

Presented in collaboration with Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

25-26 January, 2019

Curators: Olga Veselova, Vladislav Sludskiy

Editor: Leeza Ahmady

Sludskiy and Veselova assembled works from private collections of 17 artists; the pieces had been gifted to them by friends, colleagues, and partners throughout years.

Participating artists and their collections: 

Saule Dyussenbina, Medina Bazargali, Dilyara Kaipova, Leonid Khan, Sabina Kuangaliyeva, Anvar Musrepov, Moldakul Narymbetov, Nurbol Nurakhmet, Arman Sein, Suinbike, Saule Suleimenova, Kyzyl Tractor Art Collective, Alexander Ugay, Roman Zakharov


With an incipient infrastructure to aid the arts, Kazakhstan’s institutions are still learning the ropes of fundraising, collecting, and forming educational programs without the ideological interferences from the government. Consequently, artists have been driven to fulfill the role of public entities in archiving their own practices and collecting works by fellow artists.


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Phantom Office

Ghostly Exhibition-Performance by Krëlex Zentre  (Ruthie Jenrbekova and Maria Vilkovisky)

Vzletnaya Art Space, Almaty

27-29 July, 2018

Krëlex Zentre is an imaginary art para-institution. One of its goals concerns cultural exchange between people and the spectral, the otherworldly, and the non-existent. Oscillating between real and unreal, Krëlex Zentre occupies ruptures and discontinuities between what is and what is not. Once in a while, usually for a short period of time, Krëlex Zentre’s office opens its doors into the so-called reality. During these periods, anyone can come and meet the two permanent employees of this ghostly institution – Maria Vilkovisky and Ruthie Jenrbekova.

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Thinking Collections: Telling Tales

A Survey Exhibition of Kyzyl Tractor Art Collective

Signature Program of Asia Contemporary Art Week 2018 and Focus Kazakhstan

Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ

14 October, 2018 – 11 November, 2018

Curators: Leeza Ahmady, Vladislav Sludskiy

Thinking Collections: Telling Tales: A Survey Exhibition of Kyzyl Tractor Art Collective, a signature program of Asia Contemporary Art Week 2018 and Focus Kazakhstan, is a landmark initiative celebrating the art of Kazakhstan through four thematic presentations in London, Berlin, Suwon, and Jersey City. 


This unprecedented survey reunites Kyzyl Tractor collective, known for their feverish experimentations in the mid-1990s and early 2000s, after almost two decades of working separately and, occasionally, together. The exhibition highlights each artist’s individual practice and contextualizes their work from all periods in connection to one another. The group is acclaimed for reorienting nomadic, Sufi, and Shamanistic philosophies as a new artistic language in juxtaposition with the region’s seismic socio-economic and political shifts.


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