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Group exhibition of graduates of the School of Artistic Gesture 

Alatau Subway Station

08/25 - 09/02/2018

Curator: Dilda Ramazan

Participants: Aida Adilbekova, Nazira Karimova, Dana Iskakova, Karina Krylova, Leonid Khan

With this project we wanted to tell about the city of Almaty, by studying the typical Almaty phenomenon of “donerki” (i.e., a snack bar where mostly doner kebabs are sold). For this, the artists recreated the interior of the donerka, which could well exist in reality at one of the stations of the Almaty Subway. Donerka was a total installation, in which the works of the above-mentioned artists were presented, performed in a variety of media - painting, video, silk-screen printing, photography, etc. There were also elements of performance, because the project participants personally sold doners, which they themselves cooked during the week project existed.