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Peal Water

Group exhibition of Indian artists

Villa Boutiques&Restaurant  (within ARTBAT FEST 9, Almaty)

08/25 - 09/09/2018

Artists: Yogesh Barve, Amol K Patil, Pisurwo Jitendra Suralkar, Naresh Kumar, Sucheta Ghatge, Ranjeeta Kumari, Prabhakar Kamble, Parul Sinha, Harikrishna Katragadda, Saviya Lopes & Maithili Bawkar, Aman Negi & Ashwam Salokhe, and Pierrick Mouton 

Curator: Bayan Shaikh 

Project Director: Vladislav Sludskiy 

The Peat Water Group Exhibition is the first attempt to look at the contemporary art of India through common and different perspectives between two significant cultural poles - Mumbai and Almaty. Different cities in many ways have similar symptoms of the postcolonial era, which reflects the merging of European artistic practices with the emerging local ones. The exhibition is organized by the international festival of contemporary art ARTBAT FEST in conjunction with the Indian gallery Clark House Initiative with the support of Villa Dei Fiori.
This year the festival was ARTBAT FEST devoted to the theme of water - its creative and destructive potential. Artists spoke about it in the context of urbanism, comprehending its importance and the degree of penetration into human life. For both countries, this conversation is very important due to the shortage of fresh water, fast-growing demographics, centralization and distribution of resources. Historically, water became the cause for social unrest and international conflicts, but also had the ability to unite, create cities. Artists from India, with the support of a curator from Almaty, began a discussion with the help of their works, and meetings with the local artistic community gave them the opportunity to discuss the continuation of this work in the form of public initiatives, exchanges and criticism.
Peat Water considers the relationship between water and the community - Indian and Kazakh.
Comprehending the evolution of the economic system of India, the socio-cultural development, especially noticeable in recent years, the artists present the works of the modern country, mixing different techniques - installations, sculptures, performance and video. The project also includes two lectures by the artist Yogesh Barve and curator Sumesh Sharma on the interaction between art and the political structure of the country.
The name of the exhibition was determined by the political confusion and paradoxes of the caste system of India.
A significant part of the work sends directly to the water, its availability, as a certain indicator of social foundations. While the rest of the works are trying to draw attention to the problems of Dalits - an oppressed or untouchable caste. For the exhibition is very important the active involvement of artists in the public debate of modern India, which are conducted around racial, class and religious separation, as well as gender and sexuality.