soundscape theatre
Kal KALAy?
A series of performances
February 1-7, 2016

International festival of performing arts "Revelation" and ARTBAT FEST held a series of performances of Kazakh artists dedicated to artistic interpretation of the city, thinking about Almaty.


Participants: Darya Spivakova, Aigerim Mazhitkhan, Alena Welar, Yevgeniya Pyatova, "ARTiSHOCK" theatre, "I. L. I." troupe, die deutsche Gruppe.


Project curator: Olga Veselova.

Performance "Game in town"
Alena Welar
Performers: "I. L. I." troupe
Location: Russian drama Theatre named after Lermontov
The choice of the mask. What defines it? Situation, occasion, mood, behavior model. Determines whether the selection of a mask is the place where we are now or going to go? Urban social constructs as sources of influence on the choice of mask style, our behavior, appearance, ratings, etc.


The Performance "The Flight Astana - Almaty"
Author: Aigerim Mazhitkhan

Performers: students of the KazNU

Video documentation shows in Theatre of Russian drama named after Lermontov
This is a story about a young and creative young people who are free in their thoughts, judgments and actions, for it has no boundaries. Creative young people often on tours, thus building bridges between cities and countries, combining culture.

At the same time, the creative youth is a valuable resource for the city, the country. If the young people leave, the country loses its resources, talented people – great actors, artists, choreographers, etc.
The action of the performance takes place at Astana airport and talks about nostalgia Almaty destiny currently living in the capital.


Performance: Soundscape Theatre "Kissing trees"#2
Author: Darya Spivakova

Location: city streets
Soundscape Theatre is a series of performances, walks. Performances in which there is only the net component of the theatrical action: the proposed circumstances – landscape, sound, light and movement.


Performance "Emotions in our city"
Author: Yevgeniya Pyatova

Performers: die deutsche Gruppe

Location: Russian drama Theatre named after Lermontov
People living in the town their emotions, create emotional content and emotional background of the city, its "emotional field." This field is every city and every resident of the city subject to a greater or lesser extent, the emotional impact on the urban field, to the same extent in which it creates it. We can create a "garden city" or "city-ad", for that every person need to start to monitor your emotions and to select the desired condition. To think over what he brings to life, and hence in the life of the city as a whole, an integral part of who he is... we all are the city. The participants of the performance are invited to experience for yourself whether it is possible to choose your emotions and easy to do.

Organizer of Kal KALAy performances is Eurasian Cultural Alliance PA.

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nurmakov str, 79

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