Pavillion of Limited Liability 2.0

First exhibition of Kazakhstan contemporary art in Ukraine

Closer art center

21 Dec 2016 – 31 Jan 2017

In 2015, during the opening days of the 56th Biennale in Venice, a small exhibition project called the "Limited Liability Pavilion" opened its doors. It was a cozy "house show" with no claims to any official status. Its theme was national representation by means of modern art. And thus the crises of this representation, the appropriation of the language of art by the authorities and their ideological serving staff, representation imitation, the imposition of a national identity "from above" and its (self)invention at a grass-roots level.


The second Limited Liability Pavilion is the Kiev version of the exhibition, which has evolved beyond the house show format. It includes a number of key works for the post-Soviet Kazakhstan art. Such artists as Rustam Khalfin, Said Atabekov, Elena Vorobyova and Viktor Vorobyov, Erbosyn Meldibekov have for two decades formed the face of the art Kazakhstan art, being deprived of access to state support and not wishing to pay for it by being included in the cultural officialdom. Artists who have recently emerged in the public field, such as Bakha Bubikanova, Creole Center, Zoya Falkova, have practiced a "parallel existence" in relation to the state cultural institutions from the start.


The theme of the exhibition rebounds into the Ukrainian context: independent identity construction against the imposition of the only true "centralized" identity by the authorities and ideological apparatuses is of relevance here as well.


The question posed to the audience by this exhibition can be reduced to the relations of an artist and the state in almost every country that gained independence in 1991. As a starting point, we have selected a series of works the Minister of Culture of Kazakhstan would hardly have liked.


Curators: Vladislav Sludskiy (Kazakhstan-USA), Nikita Kadan (Ukraine).

The exhibition contains works of: Rustam Khalfin, Sergey Maslov, Yerbossyn Meldibekov, Elena and Viktor Vorobyev, Alexander Ugay, Said Atabekov, Kuanysh Bazargaliyev, Zoya Falkova, Bakha Bubikanova, Creolex Centr, R.E.P. group.

Organizers: Eurasian Cultural Alliance PA (Kazakhstan), Curatorial association OK Projects, Art center Closer (Ukraine).

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nurmakov str, 79

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