We are the Rivers

Young artists’ exhibition (within ARTBAT FEST 6, Almaty)

Villa del Fiori

28 Aug - 09 Sep


Participants: ARAM, JOHN GALT art group (Charly Sword, Aisulu Abuova, Kumar Nurpeisov, Aizhan Kunzhebayeva, Aiman Torekhanova, Saltanat Kairalapova), Alexandra Ali, Dalida and Duman Aliyevs, Mederbek Akhmetov, Alpamys Batyrov, Bakhyt Bubikanova, 705 Art Group (Chingiz Aydarov, Diana Rakhmanova, Nursultan Manasov, Marat Raiymkulov, Aidan Tokoyeva, Cholponai Borubayeva Amphitheater), Alexandra Kalacheva, Liza Kin, Aigerim Mazhitkhankyzy, Dana Molzhigit, Anvar Musrepov, Elmurat Nigmatov, Yekaterina Nikonorova, Nurbol Nurakhmet, Yevgeniya Pyatova, Altynai Satanova, Charly Sword, Mansur Smagambetov, Darya Spivakova, Suinbike Suleymenova, Zoya Falkova.

We are the time. We are the famous
Metaphor from Heraclitus the Obscure
We are the water, not the hard diamond
The one that is lost, not the one that stands still...
... We are the vain predetermined river
In his travel to his sea
The shadows have surrounded him
Everything said goodbye to us, everything goes away
Memory does not stamp his own coin
However, there is something that stays
However, there is something that bemoans

– Jorge Luis Borges

According to Gaston Bachelard ‘one drop of powerful water suffices to create a world and to dissolve the night […] imagined in its depth […]’; everything is the ratio of oneself and this drop of powerful water. The power of water is in the ability to change. The river is a symbol of change; it’s the definition of changes. The definition itself does not bring change but establishes a change in the things. On the one hand the exhibition title We are the River is a broadcast of change, and on the other hand it is a calling for these changes

Who are we? We are the creative force, the collective flow. The creative river originates in the tops of imagination or in imaginary vertices. ‘Imagination is not a possibility to create images out of reality in accordance with etymological definition; imagination is a possibility to create images beyond reality, praising it’ (Bachelard). 

Imagining the river flow in its depth and defining ourselves as a changing flow we are enabled to forget our own identity through accepting identities of others, various possibilities and things, we do it through merging water drops and the powerful water flow. ‘Forget about the words / Become the grass / […] Accept your own name / And become a river.’ – These lines from the song by Boris Grebenshchikov explain the two events: from one side one has to accept one’s assignment, and from the other side he/she shall be able to change. 

The motto of the exhibition is: ‘I am the flow of renovation, we are me and someone else; we are turning into rivers, carrying the renovation, new fresh waters of solutions, ideas and projects that can transform the present.’ We are the river is a metaphor, something that is running, moving, changing, and flexible.

We do not propose a single story for an art space, but some environments composed by the artists’ declarations, so the audience can create their own narrative with multiple meanings. An environment is an ecological concept; all the elements constantly interact with each other, condition each other, depend on each other, parasitize, compete and assist each other. If one condition changes, everything changes: it is a contemporary paradigm. Inside this paradigm nothing can be controlled, any control action boomerangs against the controller. Everything is flexible there, everything is mobile.

The contemporary world is a space of flows of information, money, people, and transport. It cannot be fixed in a static condition, it is constantly in active state of moving. The artists represent such flows. Together they create a special environment. The audience find themselves inside of it, being its element and transferring the art images to the environment of their own perceptions. Altogether they constantly change the contemporary space of flows, the present environment, where everything is mobile just like the world is. This idea eliminates the division between the virtual, the physical and the metaphorical. The flows leave a lot of room for interpretation.

The exhibition consists not only of the works of contemporary artists but of the art pieces by conceptual architects, designers, and theater designers. The curator did not base the selection on traditional democratic principle of criteria for the institutional success of an author, but for the originality of a particular art work and meaningful use of the image of renovation of the people, space, society, and relations.

Curated by Yana Malinovskaya (Russia).

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nurmakov str, 79

For all inquires please contact pr@cultura.kz