Visual Library

Exhibition of Works by Ivars Gravlejs, Mikhail Most, and Andrey Syaylev

Serik Booxikov Gallery, Almaty

Within the framework of ARTBAT FEST 5

30 August, 2014 – 20 September, 2014

Curator: Vladimir Logutov

The Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin presents Visual Library, an exhibition featuring the works of Ivars Gravlejs (Prague), Mikhail Most (Moscow), and Andrey Syaylev (Samara). All exhibited works are united by a common concept of substitution of text with visual material. Examining the borders of these two worlds, the authors juggle with meanings, conveying an impetus of play to spectators. 


Visual Library's focal point is a work by Andrey Syaylev titled “Cube”. A cube is formed from books and is, in essence, “a heap of text.” In this work, the text itself, taking on a sculptural form, is dragged into a three-dimensional space. Another series of works by Andrey Syaylev, “Content”, comprises painted canvases depicting bookshelves, balancing on the edge between abstract and figurative. Mikhail Most's work “Dialogs” features six canvases. This series presents a geometric abstraction based on blocks of text where headlines and entire paragraphs are hidden under a layer of paint and transformed into color rectangles. Ivarsa Gravlejs's artistic instrument in the series “Shopping Poetry” is a conveyor belt for goods at a supermarket. Putting goods on it in a specific sequence, the author rhymes products and plays with titles, creating a conceptual literary work on the bill. In the process, a unique “consumer” poem is created. 

The works in Visual Library, in one way or another, shed light on the inter-penetration of image and word and the merging of visual and textual origins. The book is no longer merely a carrier of text; it is not only turned into a visual media, it becomes in itself a material for creative work. The text is no longer simply a sequence of established symbols, it is now a visual image. Acquiring visualization, it passes into a three-dimensional space and becomes within it a material “body.”

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