Contemporary painting from the collection of Erarta museum

Almaty, Astana

A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Almaty – 24 Oct – 14 Nov 2014
Astana – 26 Apr– 2 May 2015

Contemporary Russian Painting exhibition from the collection of Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art  (St. Petersburg, Russia) was carried out by the Public Association "Eurasian Cultural Alliance" together with the Department of Culture of Almaty and Erarta museum within the project "Almaty - the cultural capital of the Commonwealth”. 

The exhibition in Almaty was the first international event of Erarta museum. The exhibition consisted of more than sixty works, including the works from both the museum’s collection and permanent exposition. The core of the exhibition was Saint Petersburg’s painting. The artists exhibited are first of all those who are significant for Saint Petersburg and Erarta, recognized almost as classical painters for the last twenty-thirty years, such as Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Valery Lukka, Felix Volosenkov, Yelena Figurina, Anatoly Zaslavsky, Aron Zinshtein, and Nikolay Sazhin.

The exhibition also includes the works of Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Vladlen Gavrilchik, and Anatoly Basin, vivid cult figures of Leningrad Underground movement, making the cultural history and art mythology of the city. Another representative of young generation is Alexander Dashevskiy (known as a curator and an art critic) exhibiting his Window Series. Other regional significant artists represented are Vladimir Migachev (Krasnodar), Maxim Kaetkin (Perm), Vladimir Fateyev (Novosibirsk), Yuriy Tatyanin (Lipetzk). 

The exposition is divided into a number of conventional sections: Identification, Expressionism, The New Seriousness, Total Art. The distribution of art works in the sections is not absolute, and the sections are perspectives of the exhibition. Some artists do not fit into the proposed structure as their works are self-sustainable visual facts.

The recommended way of perceiving the exhibition is phenomenological that implies a focus on a unique value of each particular art work.

Curated by Vladimar Nazanskiy, Pavel Markaytis

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nurmakov str, 79

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