Cultural Code

Solo Exhibition by Oksana Mas (Ukraine)

A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

(within ARTBAT FEST 5, Almaty)

3 – 24 Sep


The project is dedicated to the existence of single space in primordial human civilization, which is the basis for different cultures. The project author Oksana Mas says – “I believe in the idea that on the earth there used to be a singe cultural code, which was later divided by states, governors, religions. But it was secured in ethnical paintings, sounds of music, tastes of different cuisines, which might come from opposite locations of the world. The works from Mandala Dance East are the background of the exhibition; this is the story of how this code is rejoined.”  

Car vehicles are covered in leather and decorated with precious metals; they form a common composition with the sounds of heart beats as the symbol of that no matter what has happened to the civilization this beating is unchanged through al this time, and we are still the same as many years ago. Heart beat always keeps its rhythm as the only sound on the planet that has never changed. This is the starting and the ending point. It is the simple truth that nothing can distract us from our human nature, from the rhythm given by the God, as the most precise barometer of time.

The artist makes parallels with the main stages of social development, such as the appearance of mechanical clock that influenced human understanding of time phenomenon. Then there was the internal combustion engine, which facilitated the social development. Finally, the invention of the Internet, which not only changed the sense of time but sped up the access to information and altered the social coordinate system.

Mandala Dance East series are focused on Eastern art, it consists of stickers, collected from ornaments and patterns characteristic for a particular culture. The human figures from the picture first appeared in an old project called People, where people are depicted in everyday activities such as walking, feeding  pigeons, skiing, unbathing or riding a bike. It is noteworthy that all these figures of people are transferred to symbols  and we see them from a bird-eye’s view. It is impossible to understand in what world location it is happening and what their ethnicities are.  The artist proves that the humanity is united and we do everything in precisely the same way. No matter what we have done, who we used to be, we are together anyway.
Of course the human being plays the central role in the search and discovery of the united cultural code. He is the broken segment that once fixed can rejoin the lost basis.

Curated by Christina Steinbrecher (VIENNAFAIR), Christina Chrasnyanskaya (Heritage gallery), Marianna Gogova (ARTWIN GALLERY)

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nurmakov str, 79

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