Kyzyl Tractor art-group exhibition

Tengri Umai gallery (within ARTBAT FEST 5, Almaty)

3 – 24 Sep


7 is a lucky number, and if there are three 7s luck will always come in your way. The figure of seven has been honored from ancient times, in Buddhism, a divine coincidence of three sevens represents enlightenment, a moment when a human being realizes what is the meaning of his life.

The Kyzyl Tractor project is not about happiness and enlightenment but about tragic experience of the present.  

Maintaining the traditional trend in their research of artistic, cultural, color, sign-oriented, and performative forms, the project turns out to be unexpectedly journalistic, if not political statement within ARTBAT FEST. This tune was set by Composition 777 installation by Vitaliy Simakov, his work was dedicated to the tragic crush of Malaysian Airlines Boeing-777, which was shot down over Donetsk Oblast in June. The information space is full of different versions, which not only clarify the situation but thicken even more suffocating information "fog." 

The ideas that the world has long been a whole, and every tragedy is of not only private, but of universal significance, are easily traced in large-format photo collages by Abilsaid Atabekov; in his works the traditional archaic values ​​of Kazakhstan join with the realities of the modern world. The message from the past to the present on the unsatisfied desire to conquer the world emerges transparently in the diptych Genghis Khan by Arystanbek Shalbaev. In the pictures, the image of the founder of the largest Empire in the history of mankind is imprinted in time and unchanged as a rock. The conversation about tradition and modernization, as well as the memory of history, or attempts to erase the memory, or trying to keep quiet are immediately picked up in the "Red Filter" and "More Information" photo series by Syrlybek Bekbotaev. The fragment completing the entire exposition is hidden in its depths, like a local and very homely point of view at all this rough picture of the world. In fact, it is the image of the House of Artists building, which is many times repeated in the works of fine arts of Kazakhstan, on the building depicted there are picturesque landscapes and photographs of sculptural objects on the walls.

Through the dialogue between the participants, which is traditionally of great importance in the Kyzyl Tractor art group, the Tractor drivers told us the whole story about the modern world and its experience. And knowing them, we understand that this is not the last story to tell.

Curated by Dmitriy Pilikin (Russia).

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nurmakov str, 79

For all inquires please contact pr@cultura.kz