What Seashells can hear?

Almaty subway, Zhybek Zholy station (within ARTBAT FEST 4, Almaty)

This project is a result of art study of Almaty space

7 – 15 Sep


In this project a simple citizen plays a role of a stalker for a place in the city precious for him, he brings an artist there with artist’s eyes closed. It is well known that up to 90% of information we perceive from our eyes, it is the most familiar way of perception. What would happen if we try to perceive the world in a different way for once? The artists have not seen the place until they finish the work.

They are listening to a stalker, based on these descriptions and their impressions the artists make up a picture and then the finish their work.

Gulnur Kulkybayeva, idea author and curator, on her project:
This experiment is based on how one person’s vision can influence another person’s perception. And it is about in what period of his life an artist lived at the moment of travel, and how some sounds remind one thing to one person, and some other – to another person.
We pay attention not only to the space but to the people surrounding us, who are part of this space, and each of whom is a big world themselves.


Participants: Z. Falkova, A. Karlina, K. Mukhamedova, K. Nikonorova, A. Batyrov, P. Mokich.

Curated by Gulnur Kulkybayeva (Kazakhstan).

Photos by: I. Martynov, U. Zabolotnev, R. Mussabekov

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nurmakov str, 79

For all inquires please contact pr@cultura.kz