Vector of Perm

Exhibition of Young Russian Artists

Central Exhibition Hall, Almaty
Within the framework of ARTBAT FEST 4

7-18 October, 2013

Curator: Marat Guelman

In mathematics, a vector is a directed line segment found in a coordinate system. Even the slightest changes in its magnitude and direction alter a vector in its entirety. Following this logic, an artist is an alternating quantity while the history of a place is a constant, though hardly determinable, quantity. 

The culture of Perm originates in myths and folklore. To this day, it has expanded its borders, incorporated into its own space free stylistic manifestations of contemporary art ideas, and opened new dimensions in artists’ works.

Vitaliy Patsyukov, curator of the National Centre for Contemporary Art expressed his vision for the exhibition, “In its rather ascetic model, Vector of Perm hopes to find a new point of view on the processes occurring in the city’s visual and conceptual culture. The project’s imagery strives towards integrity and multi-layering, as evidenced by visual and plastic vectors of Perm, its semantic topography, ethnic and cultural roots, and intellectual reflections. The works in the exhibition are not limited to traditional genres such as painting, drawing, and sculpture. The video installations in Vector of Perm contribute to a deeper understanding and recognition of the dynamic multi-dimensional cultural life of the city.”


The initial idea of the project, developed jointly by artists and curators, was realized in the form of an exhibition; it presents a subtotal art development of the city of Perm to viewers interested in its past and looking forward to the future

Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Nurmakov str, 79

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