Solo Exhibition of Rikard Fåhraeus’ Works

Tengri Umai Gallery, Almaty
Within the framework of ARTBAT FEST 4

7-18 September 2013

Curator: Tatyana Aksyonova

Rikard Fåhraeus is a contemporary artist from Stockholm, Sweden. After obtaining his Master of Arts degree in 1999, his works have been exhibited in Sweden and abroad. In recent years, the main themes of his work are human relations, balance, contemporary values, freedom, and exploitation of Earth resources. 

Fåhraeus’ Freeworth project was a life-altering event. Everything started on March 19, 2013. For a month, the artist was reviewing old artworks and things he bought, wondering about their value. After, he purchased all the stuff he found, brought it to Studio 44 gallery in Stockholm, and arranged the Frivärd (Freeworth) exhibition. He proposed that the viewers attach their own value to items they were interested in. Every piece of his clothing was a part of a creative process, the essence of which, partly, came down to evaluation.

At the end, on the day of his 45th birthday on May 27, 2013, Fåhraeus found himself without a penny in his pocket and any property to his name. Within 10 days, he sold and gave away all his belongings. Some people took away items for free. This led the artist to reflect on the limits of freedom and its manifestation in certain spaces and contexts. After, he resumed his work and got ready for the next step. The definition of freedom became an important part of his project. 

100 days after the first exhibition, Fåhraeus went hitchhiking in order to understand, liberated from schedules and plans, what freedom was, where it began, and if it could be absolute. Hitchhiking to the East through Russia and Kazakhstan with just a bag on his shoulder, he received a unique experience of spiritual rebirth, found the boundaries of freedom, saw new faces, ideas, values, and reconsidered some of the basics of art.

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Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

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